Ultrasound scanners and ultrasound transducers, sale and repair.

УЗИ аппараты SonoFly на выставке 2018
УЗИ аппараты SonoFly на выставке 2018

EXIM Ltd. has been working in the medical market of Ukraine since 1991. Today it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in equipment for ultrasound diagnostics.

Since 2000, we develop and produce our own high-quality ultrasound machines under the brand SonoFly®. Since 2014, after cooperation with TELEMED (Lithuania), the model range of ultrasound machines under the brand SonoFly® (including veterinary) has been significantly extended. The devices are certified by FDA, CE, ISO.

EXIM Ltd., also supplies and repairs sensors to ultrasound devices of different brands. We offer both original and replacement ultrasound transducers for Acuson, Aloka, ATL, Esaote, Chison, GE, Medison, Mindray, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, GE, Hitachi, etc.

All equipment and spare parts meet the requirements and are certified by FDA, CE, ISO.

Assortment of products for the medical market:

- Ultrasound scanners new and those that were in use;

- Transdecers for ultrasound scanners of almost all brands, new and those that were in use;

- Consumables for ultrasound scanners.

We can provide sale and repair all kinds of medical ultrasound probes, includes linear array probe, convex array probe, phased array probe, transvaginal probe, transrectal probe, surgical probe, probe for veterinary diagnosis and probe for obstetrics and gynecology, all are of high quality and excellent performance, with crisp and clear images, high resolution and wide frequency band.

We offer both original sensors ultrasound devices and compatible sensors for ultrasound machines of various brands:

Ultrasound probes for Acuson, Ultrasound probes for Aloka, Ultrasound probes for ATL,

Ultrasound probes for Esaote, Ultrasound probes for Fukuda, Ultrasound probes for GE,

Ultrasound probes for Honda, Ultrasound probes for Hitachi, Ultrasound probes for Medison,

Ultrasound probes for Philips, Ultrasound probes for Siemens, Ultrasound probes for Sonoscape,

Ultrasound probes for SonoSite, Ultrasound probes for Toshiba.

We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation - our e-mail: exim@exim.com.ua.