Probes for ultrasound scanners of all manufacturers

We offer both original transducers (probes) for ultrasound devices, and compatible  transducers for ultrasound machines of various brands:  Acuson, Aloka, ATL, Chison, Esaote, Fukuda, GE, Honda, Hitachi, Medison, Mindray, Philips, Siemens, Sonoscape, SonoSite, Toshiba and other. We supply only high quality transducers.

We provide 1 year warranty for the sensors.

Our experts will help in the selection of the sensor and will pick the best option for the delivery time and cost.

Ultrasonic transducer is a very important unit which generate acoustic signals and also detect returned signals. The performance and imaging quality of ultrasonic scanner are highly affected by the characteristic and the structure(piezoelectric material, matching layer and acoustic lens) of probe.

Scanner types

For abdominal ultrasound curved type scanners are used as the best compromise of two other standard type probes the linear and the sector scanner.

Linear - the linear array scanners produce sound waves parallel to each other and produces a rectangular image. The width of the image and number of scan lines are the same at all tissue levels. This has the advantage of good near field resolution. Often used with high frequencies ie 7MHz. Can be used for viewing surface texture of the liver. There disadvantage is artifacts when applied to a curved part of the body creating air gaps between skin and transducer.

Sector/Vector - Produces a fan like image that is narrow near the transducer and increase in width with deeper penetration. It is useful when scanning between the ribs as it fits in the intercostal space. The disadvantage is poor near field resolution.

Curved - Often with frequencies of 2 - 5 MHz (to allow for a range of patients from obese to slender). It is a compromise of the Linear and Sector scanners. The density of the scan lines decreases with increasing distance from the transducer. Can be difficult to use in curved regions of the body eg. the spleen behind the left costal margin.

Scanner - Types


3D Transducers

Matrix Transducer
    3 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range
    2D Matrix phased array with 2,400 elements
    2D, biplane (Live xPlane), triggered full volume, Live 3D Echo, Color Doppler with 2D, biplane and 3D,Harmonic Imaging

Mechanical 3D Tranducer
    6 to 2 MHz extended operating frequency range
    Supports high resolution 2D imaging
    high resolution, quantitative, single sweep 3D volume aquisition
    4D imaging up to 36 volumes per second
    Color Doppler
    Field of view: 66 degrees
    General purpose abdominal, obstetricaland gynecological applications


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